Pain at point of hip and burning in front mid thigh

by Ferrel
(Whitehall, MI)

Pain at point of hip and burning in front mid-thigh. Hip pain is worse when lying on that side. Sitting for long periods aggravates hip pain and I will sit on opposite butt cheek to help alleviate pain. It is difficult taking first few steps after getting up from seated position. Worse at night or maybe I just notice it more. Sitting on billfold also aggravates it.

Hello Ferrel,
This is a serious problem and can certainly be very painful.

Obviously without an examination it's impossibility for me to be sure, but it's likely you have a femoral nerve lesion.

The femoral nerve comes from the mid to upper lumbar spine, passes through the groin to the front of the upper leg, and inner lower leg.

Hip conditions too can cause front of the thigh pain.

Lie on your back and pull the knee to the chest, and then rotate in the hip. Pain in the groin?

More likely it's coming from your mid lumbar spine. It could be a slipped disc, degenerative facets and other problems.

What's needed is a careful thorough examination, xrays and probably an mri, expensive.

It's likely not be straight forward, and you have to decide if you want to see a chiropractor or go the medical route. Either way, choose someone who is experienced and thorough.

Most unlikely, but it can happen. An abcess in the psoas muscle can affect the femoral nerve. It's rare. Are you in good health? No night sweats? Weight loss?

You don't say how long. Frankly, I wouldn't delay. The large muscle in the thigh can become weak. A limp developing?

Good luck, I hope this contributes. Let us know in a couple of weeks what the diagnosis is, and how you are progressing.

Dr b

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