Pain and tingling in R leg thigh calf and foot

by Shurann
(Stuart Fl)

Pain and tingling in R leg thigh calf and foot

Hi I injured my back Dec. of 2000. I have 3 herniated disc in my lower back,2 herniated disc in my neck. Pinched nerve in both arms and hands, and pinched nerve in my sciatic.

I recently had a MRI which showed that at L5-S1, there is a broad-based right central disc protrusion/herniated that impinges upon the ventral thecal sac and the intraspinal portion of the right S1 nerve root, resulting in moderate right central canal and right lateral recess stenosis. The neural foramina are within normal limits. There is disc desiccation and mild facet arthrosis. This is only one part of the MRI which the Dr. underlined right S1 nerve root.

I was told the MRI also shows that L2 disc was torn and that fluid is coming out.

I have been to more docters than I can count on both hands. If you can be of any help even if it's to explain any of my findings to me, will be greatly appreciated. I can also send you the whole MRI report.I go on Wednesday to the nurse practitioner to discuss the MRI and surgery. I was given a neurosurgoen's number. They said I have to have surgery and it can't be Laser.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Shurann God Bless

Hello Shurann,
I'm always more interested in the physical findings than the scans. Heaps of research showing how normal people can have awful scans.

So, when you bend forwards and backwards, and to the side, do you get pain in the lower back, and in the leg?

Take this little Slump Test for Sciatica and let me have the result.

Go to Slipped Disc Symptoms page, scroll down to the video about testing muscles in the leg. What's the result? Can you raise the big toe and stand on the toes?

I strongly recommend these Slipped disc rules difficult though they may be. Better than surgery. Be careful, sit much less, do some daily gentle exercises, stay out of the car and don't underestimate the importance of a healthy diet... healthy living tips ...

From the report it would seem the herniation is less into the foramen and more central, that's good.

You say you've seen umpteen doctors. A chiropractor? Find a good chiropractor is your next stop.

I'm not going to suggest there are any easy answers, particularly not having examined you. But do explore all the conservative options first before going for surgery.

Are you doing a daily disciplined set of gentle back exercises? That's vital.

Let me know the results of the above questions.

Benefit from Chiropractic Tips …

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Dr B

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