Pain and tingling in both arms

Pain and tingling in both arms /worse at night

I have bothersome pain and tingling in both arms which seems to be worse at night.
Started about three weeks ago. Have seen my primary Dr. He did sent me for blood work and the test all came back within range so now we are waiting for the neurologist appointment.

I need more information. Does it hurt in your neck, and (be specific) where do you get the tingling? Have you had any injuries.

Turn first right and simultaneously look up. Then left. Does it hurt in your neck, or tingling in the arm?

Any swelling in the hands? Any tingling in the face, especially around the lips? Headache?

Do you sleep on your tum, or crack your neck?

As you can see there are many possibilities. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of them; it wouldn't do any harm to start the exercises for CTS that you'll find at a link on this page.

Does raising your arms above your head hurt? Where?

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Dr B

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