pain and stiffness in my right buttocks area immediately after an adjustment

by Kimberly
(New Casle)

My right leg was slightly shorter than my left. I went 2 times to the chiropractor and both times he readjusted my right hip. The pain that I had at the top of my right hip that radiated towards the center of my back was relieved, but it has been a week now, and I still have pain in my right buttocks area. Did the adjustment cause a new problem? Do I need to go back?


Hello Kimberley,
It sounds like overall you are somewhat better, and a certain amount of discomfort and sometimes pain for a day, perhaps two, after treatment is not unusual.
Depending on the circumstances, how long you've had it, degenerative change in your spine, scoliosis, it's not often that two treatments, without rehab exercises, will fix the problem. Yes, I'd go back, and tell your chiro exactly what you've told me.

I hope this contributes. Ask for exercises if not given, otherwise you'll find at, but better given by your chiro.

Dr B

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Jan 11, 2017
Right Sided Buttock Pain
by: vinit

Dear Sir
I have right buttock pain and in my leg; so please help me.

Hello Vinit,
Do two tests for me please; bend slowly forwards and describe EXACTLY what you feel.

And then, sitting in a kitchen chair, straighten first your left leg parallel to the ground, and then the right leg. Again, tell me precisely what you feel.

When did this begin? What caused it?

Dr B

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