Pain and pinning in my right upper back and in right arm

by Mahammed Shameer Jatti
(India, Karnataka, Hospet)

Pain and pinning in my right back upper and pain in right arm.
This pain and pinning in right back from last 1 month.
Minor pain and only pain in left and it is only some times and started from last 6 days.
Right Arm shoulder pain is from last 1 and a half years.

Good morning Mahammed,
This can be a very painful condition, and stubborn, so do not feel all alone.

First I have a few questions.
1. Turn your head to the right and then look up and tell me EXACTLY what you feel.
2. Raise both arms together in front of your body, sideways and behind your back. Does it increase the pain, and where is it?
3. Lie on your back with a brick in each hand; straigthen your elbows so the bricks are above your head, right in front of you eyes. Don't drop them! Does one triceps muscle behind your upper arm tire much more quickly?
4. Lying on your stomach, ask someone to press quite firmly in the up and down your spine just to the side of the bony protuberances. Is it really quite tender?
5. No cough?

Let me know and we will take this further. The more accurately you can answer all these questions the better I can be of some help.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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