Pain and Loss of ROM

by Julie
(Carlisle, Cumbria, UK)

FAIS and a short leg

FAIS and a short leg

In addition to leg/hip pain, especially with leg abduction and adduction, I have marked loss of range of motion in my left hip. Can I regain pain-free movement and improved range of motion on my left side (which is also affecting, to a little degree, ROM on right side)?

Sometimes walking distances of mile or more causes stabbing pain in groin. I also sometimes get pain in the thigh, pinching in the butt, radiated pain to the knee. Even sometimes movement of my left foot will elicit painful response in knee or groin.

I now have trouble drawing left leg to chest; easy to do with right side. I can still squat low, with discomfort on left side, not necessarily pain. I would like to try chiropractic but there I have to wait 9 weeks for initial consult appointment. As there is only chiropractor in the Carlisle, there are very limited options.

Pain has been going on for over 5 months. X-ray of hips indicated MILD osteoarthritis, slightly worse on left side. If it is mild, why is the pain so severe?

Doctor says there is nothing they can do and that I should continue with yoga.

I do yoga practice regularly but have had to modify it to some degree for pain and loss of range of motion. I am 60 years, slender, relatively strong and flexible. Can chiropractic care resolve this? How many sessions might I need?

Hello Julie,
You have what is known as an incurable but treatable condition; like most medical conditions, in fact. Diabetes isn't cured either, but is eminently treatable.

What is good is that the arthritis is mild; that's encouraging.

What is important is to keep the hip as mobile as possible; that means exercise and mobilisation but within the painfree limits, with some discomfort but no pain at the edges; go too hard and you'll just increase the discomfort. Do nothing and it will turn to concrete quite quickly.

The cartilage lining the ball and socket has no blood supply of its own; it gets it's nutrients from the synovial fluid in the joint; that needs movement to be replenished. Swimming twice a week would be great.

Going all with all this reduced movement in the hip, is a knock on effect in the sacroiliac joint causing buttock pain; that's where chiropractic could really help you.

I would treat you about ten times over four to six weeks, and then monthly, probably for the rest of your life; you can probably expect a 50% or more reduction in pain, and increased movement, but no cure.

Make a chicken bones bouillon extract, freeze it in small containers and make it regularly into a soup; the vitamin C in citrus and peppers will help in cartilage healing, as will omega-3 in fatty fish and freshly ground flax seed.

Find out if you have a short leg, and wear an inexpensive insert in your shoe.

Talk to your children about getting leg length checked now, and doing daily exercises. This is hereditary, especially if they have a condition called FAIS; you'll find out more about it at Chiropractic Help by using the Site Search function. You'll find some hip exercises the same way.

Good luck; I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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