Pain and aching post chiropractic adjustment

by Judy Grodsworth
(Val-Des-Monts, Quebec, Canada)

Hi, thank-you for giving me the opportunity to ask a question. I am 60 years old and I have been receiving regular chiropractic care for the past two years. I started care for sciatic pain which I had on only one occasion before starting treatment. I have since had a few more bouts of sciatica but have not had any sciatic pain for over a year now.

What I do have is pain in my neck, shoulders and back for 24 to 48 hours after my adjustment. Sometimes it is really unbearable but always subsides in a couple of days. I do not feel that this is a normal situation since I have never had this type of pain and achey feeling prior to care. My chiropractor says it is not related to the adjustment since it happens the day after my adjustment.

I have no health problems, do not take any prescription medications, am not overweight and am involved in physical activity on a daily basis. I also follow a healthy diet and take nutritional supplements. Why do I have this pain and aching post adjustment??

Thanks for your help.
Warm regards,

Hello Judy,
A certain amount of discomfort post-adjustment is not unusual and, provided it subsides within a day or two, we're generally not too concerned.

However, "unbearable" pain for a few days is another matter, even if it subsides after a day or two.

My suggestions: tell your chiropractor that you have really quite severe pain after the treatment. It's almost certainly related to the treatment if it occurs regularly within a day or two of the adjustment.

Ask him to be more gentle.

If, between the treatments you are having minimal problems, then space longer periods between the treatments.

If you have little or no neck problems, ask him to leave your neck alone.

On the day of the treatment, be extra careful. Your back is vulnerable on the day of a treatment, it's not the time to start spring cleaning! People sometimes are sore the next day because they did something silly, but if it's happening regularly, this is almost certainly not the case.

An ice pack on the tender area will help relieve the after-adjustment discomfort and pain.

Speak directly to your chiropractor, even forcibly. If he's not listening, vote with your feet! However, it does sound like he has really helped you, so it's with reluctance that I would suggest you go to another chiropractor.

I hope that all contributes, perhaps even print this out and take it to him!

Dr B

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