It is relevant to my story that I am African and have kinky coarse African hair.

I have been experiencing pain in my right foot, right hand, right armpit, right jaw, the right side of the top of my head, the right side of my face, on the roof of the inside of my mouth, as well as discomfort in my right eye. It began when my African hair naturally dreaded at the bottom, resulting in strings of hair with large dreaded clumps of hair at the bottom. (I believe this occurred in March 2014). When I would tie my hair, I would experience pain in my neck. Later I wore extensions over my hair and experienced pain on my head, and my right hand became inflamed, and it was in pain. I would experience pain while using a laptop and would experience little shocks in my mouth while using a laptop. In April 2015, as I finally took out the braid extensions, my head was really tender. I felt a lot of pain while taking the braid extensions out. However, I also felt relief. At the time when I took the braids out, I also cut off the dreads.

I began to feel better, however, was never 100%. I would have to adjust the way I slept, so as to not sleep on the most tender part of my head. Then, this past April, I relapsed. My right hand became inflamed and my other painful symptoms returned in full force. I am not sure of the reason of this recent relapse.

Some other details: There is one spot on the top of my head (right side) that is still the most tender to touch, and which from the start has been the most tender spot. I still cannot wear hats because it is painful to do so.

I suspect, though am not certain, that there are different things going on here. The scalp pain is would seem might be related to your hair, and the extensions; could they have been too tight? Were you able to shampoo right down to the roots? Was there a lot of dry scalp. Frankly I'm not sure.

You'll need to describe in more detail the inflammation in your hand. Do you have painful joints, does it tingle is certain fingers only, and do movements of your neck provoke the pain in your hand?

When it's down one side of your body then one is inclined to think of a neurological condition. My best advice is to see a neurologist.

Dr B

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