Pain all through my spine

by Ms.Krishnan
(chennai , India )

Hi , I'm am suffering from a severe pain on my back and neck espcially on my neck. the pain spreads through my arms causing numbess (ON and OFF) on my pinkie and ring finger.

this condition has been persistant for past 4 months. since last night the pain has increased and i find compromise (movements) on my left leg and numbness (ON and off). please advise me !

Hello Varuna,
Unless you have a condition that can affect the whole spine, like rheumatoid or ankylosing arthritis (have blood tests to diagnose these) then these are perhaps two different conditions.

Ankylosing Spondylitis symptom ...

Have you had X-rays of your spine? It sounds like you have nerve impingement in your neck and lower back.

At Arm pain page you'll find a nerve impingement test you can do at home.

Are you doing any back and neck exercises? Use Search this site … to find exercises at C-H.

I need more information to give more specific suggestions. Always the omega-3 oils are healthy for generalised pain. Fish oil, freshly grounds flaxseed and walnuts are the best sources.

Flax seed nutrition information ...

Good luck.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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