pain across side and front of thigh

by Francesca
(Chicago, IL usa)

But hip arthritis also goes down the front of the leg to the knee.

But hip arthritis also goes down the front of the leg to the knee.

Pain across side and front of thigh

I started walking and exercising a year ago. I was then and am now 200 pounds and sedentary. I got up to walking 5 miles three times a week, felt great and improved muscled mass. I lost 10 pounds. however since five months ago I have pain on the side of the right thigh, which travels to the front of the right thigh and then down to the outside of the right knee when I walk. It is so painful i can no longer walk or stand.

I have to lie down for half an hour with a heating pad just to alleviate it somewhat. Sitting aggravates it and now walking for more than five minutes does too. There is also pain on the right back hip bone.

Ten years ago i was treated by a chiropractor for two herniated discs l4 and l5 which were causing major sciatic pain. The discs are no longer bulging (mri). This new pain is preventing me from exercising and I have lost much muscle mass. all doctors have said there is no surgical treatment.

I am looking first for a diagnosis, rather than just degeneration and arthritis. thank you.

Hello Francesca,
First, let's be sure this isn't an arthritic hip. Lie on your back, and pull the left knee to your chest and then towards the opposite shoulder. Now the naughty right knee. Does it hurt in the groin or side of the hip? Is it much stiffer?

Secondly, bend slowly forwards, then backwards, then to the side. Does it hurt in the back, and does it radiate down the leg?

Thirdly, sitting in a kitchen chair, straighten first your left leg parallel to the ground, then the right leg. Does it hurt in the right leg?

Fourthly, lying on your tum, bend the left knee. Ask a friend to raise your left knee stretching the thigh muscle and the femoral nerve. Now raise the right knee. Is it much tighter in the thigh?

Lastly, bounce on your left knee, and then the right. Does the knee give?

Let me know. Keep to this thread.

Dr B

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Mar 02, 2015
more tests
by: Anonymous

sciatic top - i meant three inches below the waist and one inch to the side

lying in bed with knee bent but still on the bed - sharp pain on trying to lift knee off bed - pain is on top right buttock

sitting and trying to move right knee to right - sharp pain on top right buttock

lying on back and pulling knee to chest and opposite shoulder - not painful for either knee

sitting in a chair and straightening the leg - not painful for other leg. And the right leg?

thank you again, francesca

Hello Francesca,
It's hugely difficult or me to make a diagnosis like this, but I'm tending towards a sacroiliac syndrome, but do understand that's by guess and by God!

It seems that you don't have an arthritic hip, but there are other hip conditions that could easily be a part of this. SI syndromes often go along with hip problems.

An important test is the so called Slump Test for Sciatica. Type it into the search function at Chiropractic Help and get help to do the test; it's passively done, meaning someone else must lift your leg. Let me know.

What's needed now is a thorough examination by a local chiropractor. Start asking around for someone is who is conscientious and will examine you properly and try to come up with a diagnosis before treatment starts. Print this out and take it with you.

Meantime start the exercises you'll find at this page:

Swimming would be good if you have access to a pool.

Take a look at our Modified Banting diet; use that search function key again. It IS important not just for this problem; you know why.

Let me know about Slump.

Dr B

Feb 25, 2015
more tests
by: Anonymous

Bending to the sides is a little painful near the sciatic top; more on the right than the left, but not a lot of pain. What do you mean by the sciatic top?

Pressing down the side of the right leg is sore if I have been lying down, it is only painful after sitting or walking. Possibility of an ITB syndrome or trochanteric bursitis.

When I am lying on my stomach in bed, and then I slide my right knee up so it is bent, and with slightly more weight on my left side, it is sharply painful Where? to lift the right knee off the bed, as if something were pinched. The left is totally fine.

If I am sitting, and I move my right leg outward, it is the same pain. where?

All this started when I had been walking for months, 5 miles a day, 3 days a week. I began to notice that I was having discomfort when the right leg was extended back, pain above the right knee in front, and on the outside of the right hip near the hip joint but still on the thigh, a little bit to the back from the outer side of the hip.

Thank you for your methodical analysis. Francesca

Two important tests you've missed; lying on your back pull your knee to the chest and then opposite shoulder. You need to be a specific as you can about what and where it hurts.

And the sitting in the chair test, and straightening your leg?

Reread my original please.

Dr B

Feb 19, 2015
by: Francesca

It's no to answer all your questions, except that the right knee does give a little. It did when walking as well. The pain is a band encircling the top of the right thigh, especially after sitting. And on walking, the pain is makes the outer right thigh spasm, as in a charlie horse. Thank you.

Ok, Francesca, it's not sounding like an advanced arthritic hip. Now a few more tests.

Take a little oil on the heel of your hand, and run it quite forcibly down the side of your thigh. Press on the muscle on the side at the top of your hip. Compare sides. We are looking for a condition called ITB or iliotibial band syndrome; find it using the search function at Chiropractic Help.

Now take your thumb and run it down the inner thigh starting at the pubic bone, and working to wards the knee. Compare sides.

This is difficult for you, but does the hip seem very extra mobile compared to other folks' hips? Does it pop, or seem to give in the hip? Do you have a family history of hip disease?

Again, bending forwards, back, to the side produces nothing?

Dr B

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