PAD Intermittent claudication

by Salvatore
(New York, NY, USA)

Right leg feels tired 3 minutes into treadmill exercise, then pain starts at about 7-8 minutes. I pause exercise for 3 minutes and then resume and the pattern repeats.

Hello Salvatore,
I assume you're a smoker. Or were. It's the most common cause, and nothing will fix this unless you quit completely. Eventually it will be tired in 30s and pain in 1 minute.

You need to have an arteriogram to see where the block is in the artery, usually somewhere in the groin, and then have a stent fitted, or stretched with a balloon.

Not a job for a chiropractor alas.

Do you have a pulse in the ankle, behind the medial malleolus, and on the top of the foot.

If you do, then this is called neurogenic claudication which is another whole ballgame, and chiropractic might help you.

Dr B

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Nov 13, 2015
Intermitten claudication
by: Salvatore Liggieri

I stopped smoking 55 years ago. I don't drink
alcohol. I'm not overweight. I changed my diet to no junk food, no animal foods, no oil. In fact I'm a strict vegan.

I have seen three Vascular surgeons, had the standard tests for PAD. I have severe blockage in my right leg, and slight blockage in my left.

They all said to exercise and come back in six months.

And that's where I'm at today.

I do exercise two hours most days:, one hour treadmill, 45 minutes aerobic, fifteen minutes mini trampoline, three minutes heel lift.

Thus far, its been two months of exercise and with some improvement in my walking. I'm planning on using a TENS/EMS machine.

I'm 89 years old.

I will be going to a fourth Vascular surgeon in two weeks for instruction on structured exercise.

Good evening Mr Liggieri,
Fantastic that you stopped smoking in your mid thirties. I'm interested in how and why you did it; so many folk are totally unable to quit. It's the reason you're able to write this letter at the ripe old age of 89. All the men who are reading this, including myself, are incredibly jealous! But the fact of the matter is that just 20 years of smoking left its mark on you.
I regret to say I have little to add to your regimen. You're doing all the right things.
One small suggestion; ask a nutritionist to evaluate your B12 levels. It's a vitally important vitamin, and vegans often battle to get enough.
Oh, and concerning fats and oils; don't avoid the healthy ones. Scientists are totally in agreement about the fruit oils; eat plenty of olives and avocados. Sparkling good health is utterly dependent on the healthy fats for our nerves and neurotransmitters.
More controversial is butter and coconut oil; I recommend them both, but others not, so in moderation.
Well done, sir, you are an inspiration to us all.

Dr B

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