Outer thigh pain

I’m not sure how it happened but I have a pain that seems to originate from the front outer portion of my thigh (kind of where your leg and hip bend). It’s been 3 days with pretty significant pain and 2 doctors have told me that it just needs time. Didn’t really give me a diagnosis.

I was prescribed a very low dose of muscle relaxers, which did not help at all and prescription Motrin. The pain radiates from the side of my leg (my outer hip area) along the front of my quad and it is all happening in the left side. I’d like to believe what the doctors told me about rest but the pain is pretty significant throughout the day. Any thoughts?

Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, make a circle and then drop the hip into the lotus position. Now repeat with the naughty hip; what's the difference?

You have no back pain? If you bend backwards and to the side you have no discomfort in the lower back or leg?

Prick the side and front of your thigh with a pin; any difference right and left?

Dr B

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