Osteoporosis-Coeliac Disease

by Carole
(Melbourne, Australia)

Osteoporosis-Coeliac Disease

Hi there. We recently had a building evacuation and after the walk down from level 22 my lower back has been painful. I came across your site on doing a search regarding such pain and started reading with interest the section on Osteoporosis/Coeliac Disease.

I thought I would forward you an email as it is advised that no one should start a gluten free diet without medical advice and supervision after tests confirming CD.

There are a range of other conditions ie. Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fructose Malabsorption that can be mistaken for CD, but do not require a strict GF diet. It can take people years to be correctly diagnosed and during that time their health deteriorates.

Correct medical testing is the only way, and if the person is eating gluten regularly a simple blood test is required to rule out CD. Further specialist testing is needed to confirm CD. Also people can have more than one condition. I was advised I had CD 3 years ago but deteriorated on a GF diet. Just over 1 year ago was told that I also have Lactose Intolerance and Fructose Malabsorption (FM). It has taken a full year for me to regain good health on a low FODMAPs diet due to FM.

Please encourage testing. Wish it had been done years ago as they seem wasted years now.



Thank you for this, Carol, your letter says it all. Your past is set fast in concrete, just be glad you now know... and move on.

As an aside, osteoporosis is a not a common cause of backache except in the elderly who make sometimes fracture a vertebra; true those with Coeliac disease too. But if you had back pain after a walk down all those stairs, I'd be thinking sacroiliac joint syndrome first and foremost...

Thank you for your contribution.

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Dr B

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