Ongoing back groin and burning left thigh pain

by Lisa
(Beverly Hills, Ca )

Ongoing back, groin and burning left thigh pain may be a slipped disc into the intervertebral foramen.

For a few weeks my husband has been having horrible back pain, burning thigh and groin pain on the left side. Please help.

Hello Lisa,
He needs professional attention; there are many possible causes, but most likely it's a nerve pain, and probably the femoral nerve from the mid to upper lumbar spine.

Is the knee starting to give? Where exactly in the thigh is the pain? Which root in the above picture does it seem to follow?

Do movements of the back, flexion, bending backwards and to the side affect the pain in the leg?

A hip condition can do this too, but I think less likely. If he pulls the knee to the chest, and then the opposite shoulder, does it hurt in the groin?

If you reply, please do it on a computer; correcting not so smartphone grammar is not my favourite.

Dr B

» Ongoing back groin and burning left thigh pain

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