oesteitis pubis

by Amanda
(South Africa)

I am 52 yrs of age, been diagnosed with chronic oesteitis pubis, also have osteoporosis, and interstitial cystitis.

I can hardly walk a distance, always in severe pain,

been on injections and cortisone, nothing seems to help. I am desperate.

do i go for sonar/ct/mri? I really want answers.

Since all involves the pelvis region i really don't know what causes all the pain.

Hello Amanda,
Can you send me a copy of your Xray report of the pelvis. Better still, if you have, or can get, send me a digital image of the Xray. If it's on plain film, take a digi photograph of the xray. Attach here, or send to contact.

Secondly, precisely where is the pain?

Thirdly, lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, to the opposite shoulder, and then make a circle with your hip. Stiff? Pain? Where?

Lastly, run your thumb through the groin and down the adductor muscles in the inner thigh. Pain?

Any back pain?

Let me know.

Dr B

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