Occipital Misalignments

by Dan
(Pleasanton, California USA)

I've had chronic neck issues since birth and have spent the last 25 years chasing upper cervical chiropractors claiming to help alleviate the issues but receive very little relief. Techniques I have tried include HIO, Activator, Gonstead, Toggle, and for the last 19 years, Blair.

I've had the best luck with Blair, however, like almost all other techniques, they do not adjust or even recognize occipital misalignments nor understand how to take or view occiptial x-rays (yet to find a chiro who can or is willing to at least make an attempt). Techniques that do recognize and adjust the occiput have been crude, at best, and very non specific. Wailing on the cervicles for a quarter century is barely providing any relief now and I highly suspect it's a misalignment between C0-C1; all of the symptoms are there.

I just can't find a chiropractor who is the least bit versed in this area, even after 16 years worth of intense research. My pain/dysfunction is intensifying to the point that I am constantly on the verge of passing out and seriously considering taking my life as there are no other alternatives to escape this lifetime of unending misery. Any help is appreciated. BTW, where are you located?

Hello Dan,
I'm sorry you've had no success with chiropractic and frankly am surprised you've stuck out consulting my profession seeing that you get no relief of symptoms.

Adjusting the occiput is basic chiropractic, and highly specific, so most likely that is not your problem; I've never heard of Blair.

We obviously aren't successful in treating all cases. Time to consult another profession.

Dr B

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