Occasional tingling from right clavicle up to face

by Linda
(New York)

Good evening. This started on Christmas Eve. Only happened once that night, did not happen yesterday but happened several times today.

No pain, just tingling.

I do have a chiropractor I adore, she helped. Me through severe sciatica with both of my pregnancies in my third trimester. She is off until after New Year.

Do you think I need to see someone sooner?


Hello Linda,
Apologies, I too have been away. To be quite honest, this sounds a little unusual, especially going up into the face. It means the cranial nerves are involved, probably the trigeminal.

No problems with your jaw joint, teeth, sinuses. No neck pain?

I'd be inclined to start with your medical doctor, but since the holidays are already over, why not phone your chiro on Thursday morning first.

Let me know what comes of it.

I hope this contributes.

Dr b


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