Numbness pain and tingling after 5 minutes or so when walking

by pam
(lagrange, oh)

Meralgia paresthetica causes upper lateral leg pain and numbness.

Meralgia paresthetica causes upper lateral leg pain and numbness.

I have pain along left buttocks and down the side of leg almost to the knee. I am a runner and have not been able to jog in months, The doc ordered x-rays but have hesitated due to COVID-19.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hello Pam,

Yes, I do have but first a couple questions.
1. Take a needle and prick the sides of your thighs and compare. Is there a significant difference?

2. Can you see the inguinal ligament in the graphic? Take a little oil on your left thumb and, starting at the iliac crest bone run your finger through the groin and then down the inner thigh. Be gentle as the femoral nerve and artery lie there; you will cross them. Is it particularly tender on the left?

3. Bend straight forwards, then backwards and to the side. Is there any pain? Where?

4. Sitting in a kitchen chair, flex your head onto your chest, and then ask hubby to lift first your right leg and then the left parallel to the ground. Is it painful, and where?

Give me some precise answers and we will take this further.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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Apr 21, 2020
by: Pam

Hi Doc

I tried the exercises lying on my back, I have always been extremely tight in the hips but I don't feel any more tight than usual doing these. Even the lotus pose just feels good to stretch that way.

The exercises I did lying on my "tum" lifting one knee and having hubby pull I definitely notice my left leg being much tighter in the buttocks area.

I do not have x-rays yet


Hello again Pam,

Having this for so long and especially so debilitating definitely means it is time for a thorough examination; not just pills. What is causing this?

Start looking for a chiropractor who is thorough; you also don't need someone who will just give you a few clicks; we need a diagnosis.

That buttock area is supplied by the superior cluneal nerves; you will find an explanation by typing Maigne's syndrome exercises into the site search function at chiropractic help.

Having hubby raise your bent knee into extension is a test, not an exercise; for a pinched femoral nerve. But for it to be positive it must be much tighter in the front or side of the thigh; yours in the buttock area. That is making me think of a sacroiliac or lumbar facet fixation.

You have never been a smoker? Pain and tingling in the leg with exercise is also a sign of intermittent claudication.

This is complex, Pam. You need someone to examine your carefully. Meanwhile go on with those exercises every morning before getting out of bed.

Let me know how you get on in a month or so; I am curious!

Dr B.R. Lewis.

PS. Perhaps print all of this out and take to your chiropractor.

Apr 19, 2020
Response to exercises
by: Pam (Lagrange,OH)

OK....I did the 4 things you requested.

1. No difference when I prick the sides of each thigh.

2.No tenderness when I rub iliac crest down along inner thigh.

3.Tightness but not really pain when I bend back and to the left

4. When I sat in the chair with head to chest and had hubby lift leg parallel to floor, no pain just tightness.

I will tell you on top of the back of my buttocks it is very tender and tight. I walked today again and my left upper leg burned down the side again after a few minutes.

I saw some of your exercises to do while on my back lifting one leg after flexing pelvis. It actually made me a bit sore the next day (in a good way, like its strengthening that psoas hip flexor area!).

I am so aggravated not being able to at least walk further if I am not able to run.

Looking forward to your answers!

Thank you.

Hello Pam,
You went straight to more advanced exercises; for a week or two I would have preferred you to begin with the very basics.

Nothing really clear from those tests.

Lie on your back and pull first one knee and then the other to the chest. Now tug towards the opposite shoulder, and then make circles both ways.

Then drop your leg into the lotus position.

Is there any significant stiffness, tightness or pain in the naughty leg?

And now a more difficult test. Lying on your tum, with your knee bent. Ask hubby to lift your knee, with your hip going into extension; compare sides. Is there significant lower back pain, or front of the thigh tightness? Compare sides.

You have x-rays of your back and pelvis?

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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