Numbness on the inside of my left leg below my knee

by Umair
(Mississauga, ON, Canada)

I have been having numbness on the inside of my left leg; it's the first time. I have had a slipped disc last year, and it was my L4-5 and S1 which had problems. I don't know what really went wrong with my leg, it happened all of a sudden while I was sitting on the bed. When I stood up my leg got numb and it's been like this ever since. Been about 24 hours since the condition has been present. Today I went to my physiotherapist and he said my strength and reflexes are good in both of my legs. Please advise what kind of stretches should I be doing to relieve my pinched nerve in the back.

It's only my left leg from my knee to toe and it is the inside of my leg which is numb. Sensations are different in both of my legs, basically I can feel if someone touches my left leg but the feeling is different when someone touches my right leg.

Hello Umair,
The area is most likely the L4 dermatome; the big thing to watch for is weakness of the quadriceps muscle developing; the knee will start to give on the stairs. Stand on one leg, and bounce on it, bending the knee.

Some numbness you can put up with, if there's no pain and no progressive weakness; but there's no guarantee they will remain normal.

You most likely had an extrusion into the foramen and it remains weak; there was a large hole in the disc and overdoing it, a sudden unexpected move, or just sitting too much may cause a relapse.

You'll find our chiropractic disc exercises at the site using the search function in the navigation bar; but hasn't your physiotherapist given you exercises? It's best you are guided through them by someone knowledgeable. Do them faithfully every morning before getting out of bed.

Dr B

» Numbness on the inside of my left leg below my knee

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