Numbness of thumb and index fingers

by Evelyn
(Texas, United States)

Numbness of thumb and index fingers points to a lower neck problem.

About three weeks ago I noticed that my left hand had been going numb more often than usual when I slept on it. But didn't think much of because I thought I was falling asleep on it. Then about two weeks ago I started to feel a slight numbness on my thumb and index finger that came and went; can't recall if it was on the tips or the whole finger.

Then a week and half they just stayed numb but only on the tips on the fingerprint side. It now mildly hurts to hold a cup on that hand.
Hello Evelyn,
The thumb and index finger belong classically to the C6 dermatome; it's likely the problem lies in your cervical spine, between C5 and C6.

However, having said that, you make absolutely no mention of neck pain. Is Spurling's test positive; turn your head to the left and then look up. Do you get any discomfort in the lower neck or more ominously down your arm?

Using the search function, look up "upper limb tension test" at chiropractic help. You need an assistent. If your left arm is much tighter, then that pretty well clinches it.

In any event, I'd start with an x-ray of your neck, including oblique views to visualise the foramena.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» Numbness of thumb and index fingers

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