Numbness in thumb, index and middle finger.

by Robert

I am a 53 year old man in good health. I sought chiropractic adjustment for tightness and muscle spasms in my rhomboids, and levator scapulae on the right side of the body along with adjustments to my lower back and hips. He also did some acupuncture on the area. Two hours after the adjustment I noticed my thumb, index finger and middle finger on the right arm becoming numb. I also began to have muscle spasms up and down the lower part of my arm in addition to my armpit and pectoral area. No localized pain in the neck area, but the same tightness in the Rhomboid area that I sought treatment for. I have never had any numbness symptoms in the past. I called my chiropractor and he agreed to see me the next day.

He said he has never had a reaction like mine from an adjustment and seemed genuinely concerned about my condition. He believed my symptoms could be similar to that as a stinger or a nerve stretch. and treat with ice and stretching. Which I have been doing.

It has been 9 days now since the original adjustment. Feeling has returned to my thumb, but the tip of my index and middle finger are still numb. The right side of the middle finger and left side of the index finger are numb. I have muscle spasms and tightness in my tricep, armpit and shoulder area. Still have tightness and cramp like pain in the Rhomboid area. Have no pain in the neck area.

Let me be crystal clear. I am not writing this as an indictment of chiropractic care. I have been receiving chiropractic care for over 25 years and have been helped with any and all back issues. In addition my Chiropractor has over 30 years experience an impeccable reputation as a gentle are giver and I have been his patient for close to 20 years. I really just seek any information to causes of the impingement and ideas about further treatment.

Hello Robert,
Thank you for your letter; you are a 'good' chiropractic patient who has had a reaction to treatment, and not gone overboard like so many do. It happens daily in a medical clinic that patients react to medication as you have once in 22 years to a chiropractic treatment; I respect you.

If you look at the above graphic you'll notice that your tingling is not in one of the dermatome patterns; rather it is more like the whole median nerve coverage. Is there any suggestion that it touches the ring finger?

If you turn to the right, and look up, does it produce any reaction in the lower neck, rhomboid region or arm?

Prick the fingers involved and compare hands; is there a distinct difference? More sensitive or less? Is there any feeling of weakness, particularly in the fingers or triceps? Do you know if there are any reflex changes?

Those muscles spasms in the arm that you mention; are they like little non painful twitches; they are called fasciculations.

Using the site search function at Chiropractic Help, type in upper limb tension test; with the assistance of a friend compare the tightness in the lower arm. Is there a distinct difference?

This is indeed not unlike a stinger; I wonder if in the needling he may have pricked the median nerve? If so, it will most likely gradually settle.

If any of the above tests raises any questions then I'd discuss them with your chiropractor; otherwise let a week or two pass, and I suspect these symptoms will pass.

I hope this contributes.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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