numbness in thigh sometimes pain / Meralgia paresthetica

by kiran

Dear Doctor

Well let me express my problem to you Sir,

I had numbness sensation,pain and feel poor blood circulation in my upper thigh region(lower limb) of the left side for past 3 years and also losing my memory power day by day,

I had visited many doctors that is Neurologist, Orthopedic and General physicians intially I had been to a doctor he had advised me to take Tab Benalgyis 75 one tablet in the morning and Tab Deanxit in the afternoon for 30 days I felt better but if I stop the medicines I had the same problem I started taking it regulary unfortunately Tab Benalgyis was banned or stopped I dont know that was not available in the medical store I stopped the medicines completely,

Thereafter I consulted a Neurologist he asked me to do a Vit B12 test and ENMG to mild motor sensory neuropathy in proximal segment of left lower limb, the report came as Vitamin B12 count as 382 pg/ml fasting and ENMG report as Tracings of all recordings with relevan t values EMR and SNAP amplitude mildly reduced in left femoral and left cutaneous nerve respectively Conclusion: Findings suggest mild motor and sensory neuropathy in the proximal segment of left lower limb. seeing the report he advised to to take Cap Neurica M 75 one cap a day and cap antoxid one in the morning for three months and once in a week Injection Methycobol IM for 8 weeks but there was no changes I had the same problem I went after three months they said I have Meralgia parasthetica and they advised me to take Tab Gabapentin Forte one tablet two months, the pain used to come and go but it could not solve my problem

Finally I took a second opinion from another Neurologist he asked me to do MRI, I did MRI Lumbo-Sacral spine the impression came as 1. Central and right paracentral herniation of L5-S1 disc compressing the anterior epidural fat and indenting the thecal sac. 2. Central herniation of L4-5 disc compressing the anterior epidural fat and indenting the thecal sac. He gave me courage and he said you dont have any problem and he advised me to stop all the medicines completely and ask me to do Physiotherapy and exercises I have started doing it the pain comes for one week remains for one week and goes for 10 days but I am some what satisfied with that

But now I am experiencing very cold sensation in my left thigh area and in left arms and almost oneside of my body I dont what is wrong but I am really worried and depressed please advice me I feel there must be something wrong please help me out sir.

Hello Kiran,
Those MRI findings at the L5-S1 and L4-L5 levels would not be the cause of the Meralgia Paresthetica, though could cause pain at the back of your leg.

Meralgia Paresthetica is what we call a double crush syndrome. Both need to be addressed. One is the upper lumbar spine where you almost certainly have a subluxation. However, there aren't many chiropractors in India, so I'm not sure who could help that. I recommend you try the "Maignes syndrome exercises". To find them use the Search this site function at

The second site of pinching is in the groin where the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve escapes from the pelvis. From the iliac crest (upper hip bone), run your thumb through the groin. You will usually find a very tender place. Caution: the Femoral artery runs through this area, lighten your pressure when you feel it pulsating.

There are other things I would do, but too complex to explain. Try the above, and let me know how you get on.

You might also find an orthopaedic surgeon or physical therapist who could locate that subluxation in the upper lumbar spine, and manipulate it.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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