Numbness in the arms, wrists and fingers.

by Alexandra
(Fort Stockton Tx United States)

When I get frustrated I can feel my shoulders tighten no matter what, even when it's little and I don't know how to control it so therefore my trapezius is always tight.

At night I have an incredibly hard time because my shoulders are driving me crazy from being so tight; I feel like the circulation to my arms is cut off and it's very UNCOMFORTABLE.

I'm only 20 years old and cry myself to sleep at night.

Hello Alexandra,
Something is certainly going wrong, but there are a great many possibilities. With numbness in the arms, wrists and fingers, I would recommend you start with your medical doctor.

It's not impossible that the blood supply to your arms IS being affected. The artery and nerves to the arm pass through a narrow space called the interscalene triangle in the lower neck. It's usually caused by a fixated first rib, or scalene muscle spasm but there are other conditions that can affect it.

Most likely you have subluxations in your neck and upper back that are causing this; once your medical doctor is finished with you, see a local chiropractor with a reputation for a careful and thorough examination. You need something more than a few random clicks in your neck.

Dr B

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