numbness in right foot

by richard
(escondido, ca USA)

Numbness in right foot

Numbness in right foot

Numbness in right foot is a common malady.

I have numbness along the outside edge and bottom of my right foot; it will be 4 years in January.

I do not experience pain, so just tingling from time to time.

My leg gets weak when I play tennis (usually after 1st set); my age is 69.

I sleep on my right side, and the nerve contracts at night, need to stretch to prevent cramping.
I have seen many dc s and they say it's classic L3 L4 problem.

My left leg shorter than the right.

Are there exercises that can restore feeling?

Hello Richard,
You make no mention of xrays, but you almost certainly have degenerative change at the lowermost disc in your lumbar spine. It's called lumbar spinal stenosis.

Numbness, if you have no pain, you can live with; it's not a reason to go for surgery in my book. But that weakness is another matter. Can you stand on the toes of your right foot, and raise the heel several times without difficulty? Compare with the left. Does your knee give on steps?

I doubt the exercises which you'll find in the navigation bar at chiropractic help will restore the feeling, but they'll certainly contribute to reducing future degeneration. Keeping your core muscles strong is vital, otherwise pain and weakness is likely.

I have my doubts about the classic L3-L4 problem; that would give you numbness in the front of the thigh and inner lower leg, and make the quadriceps muscle weak at the knee.

Get a simple, inexpensive lift in your shoe; wear it all the time. Your short leg is significant contributor to your problems.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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