Numbness in mid back

by Karen

I have been going to a chiropactor for 2 years. He believes I have a problem with my neck.

Recently I am having numbness in my mid back with numbness in my left facial area, left forearm and sometimes hand. Rarely it will occur on my right arm.

Please help. I have five little girls to care for and I feel like somone is missing something here.

Thank you.

ps also feel lightheaded when this happens.

Frankly, I'm not sure, Karen.

For starters: Why did you consult your chiropractor in the first place? For this problem? Is it improving? Worse?

Do you have any neck, midback, jaw pain?

Describe for me exactly where in your arm, which fingers, and face you have the numbness. Prick it with a pin - is it actually numb compared to the other side? Any weak feeling in the arm?

If this isn't improving, I'd advise a thorough neurological consult. Some weird things do happen very occasionally, and need scans to detect.

Is the lightheadedness brought on by moving your head?

Keep pushing, Karen. What's needed is a diagnosis, and that I can't give. Not sure.

Hope this has contributed.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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