numbness in left fingers

by Barry
(orlando, fl)

I had a c5 corpectomy ten years ago. No known complications. My neck has felt tight for years.

Recently I started experiencing tingling on my right side neck to shoulder. I went to a chiropractor who adjusted my neck and had me do neck stretches with a heavy band.

I started experiencing numbness in my left hand and the tingling has shifted from toward my shoulder to the bottom right side of my face when I bend my head down.

I stopped the stretches but my left fingers are still numb.

Hello Barry,
It would seem that the stenosis in your neck is setting in again, either at the same or a different level.

Whilst I believe in stretches, and use them for almost all muscles and joints in the body, I have found they sometimes aggravate a neck condition, and so don't use them any more. You made the right decision.

I would try and locate the same surgeon who operated on you the first time, and ask for an opinion. He obviously did a good job.

Dr B

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