numbness in hand and in thumb and index finger after flu shot

by Joyce
(Salem, Al U S)

C6 dermatome- index finger AND thumb

C6 dermatome- index finger AND thumb

Numbness in hand and in thumb and index finger after flu shot

few days after taking flu shot my left shoulder ,arm,hand,thumb and index fingers went numb and tingling and at night I can't lay on that side because of dull pain.

My finger are so stiff that I can't bend them very much. I had some discomfort in right side but very little and no numbness. It doesn't bother me during the day much. Hard to open bottle caps and etc. I have an appointment with my Dr in two weeks but trying to learn as much as I can.

Hello Joyce,
You should get to see your doctor much sooner. Whilst this severe reaction to the flu shot will probably pass, very occasionally it can have really severe repercussions.

Like Guillain Barre syndrome. It's most unlikely, but the numbness and weakness in your hand is worrying.

If your inability to open bottles is because of pain in the hand, I'd be less concerned. No pain, just numb and weak? See your doctor pronto.

Was is odd is that the numbness if following a classic C6 dermatome, suggestive of a pinched nerve in your neck. Any neck pain?

Go to Search this site … and type in Upper Limb Tension Test. Is your lower left arm much tighter, tingly, painful during the test than the right arm?

It's vaguely possible, unlikely, that this is quite unrelated to the flu shot. I can't see why the vaccine would affect only the C6 dermatome.

I would suggest you gently exercise the whole arm. Using that Search facillity you can find Frozen Shoulder exercises that would be suitable for the upper arm. You don't want to get a shoulder / arm problem from this shot.

Prick your fingers and arm and compare with the other arm. Look out for specific weakness. The triceps will often be affected by a pinched C6 nerve root. Does your left arm tire very quickly doing press ups?

Good luck, let me know how you get on.

This is known as Iatrogenic illness - doctor caused disease.

There are still many question marks surrounding vaccinations. We think they should only be used for serious diseases like polio. That's just my opinion, but I've had so many patients over the years react very badly to the flu shot.

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I hope this has contributed.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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Nov 28, 2020
Numbness in right hand after flu shot
by: Anonymous

My right hand and fingers where fine until I had the flu shot; will my feeling ever comeback?

You don't say how long ago this happened, so impossible to answer. What's needed is a thorough examination to find out if there is weakness of some of the fingers, loss of reflex and actual numbness.

It is possibly due to a problem in the carpal tunnel or your neck, and nothing to do with the flu shot; that was incidental. Which fingers are affected.

Try pricking your fingers, comparing hands. Are you having difficulty opening a bottle?

This question should really be directed to the person who gave you the shot.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

Nov 08, 2016
Flu shot
by: Anonymous

I had the flu shot, in my right arm. When I got home after it, I had numbness, tingling, in both arms and my right leg. The next morning my right arm was better but my leg and left arm are still affected. I am trying to deal with it until I see my doctor but a little nervous about what is going on.

I doubt the physical penetration of the flu shot would have affected you like this; the contents of the injection can do almost anything.

The flu shots in particular are not well tested, as they are against the latest strain. Occasionally they do really serious things like Guillain Barre syndrome, but that's most unlikely.

It's a highly contentious business but I personally don't believe in vaccinations against anything other than the really serious diseases like polio.

Each of us has to make up our own minds. Next year, unless you are are particularly vulnerable for some reason, perhaps consider giving it the miss.

Certainly I'd see your medical doctor soon; there's no point in consulting a chiropractor.

Let us know how you get on.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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