Numbness Heaviness Right arm and right leg

by Kaley
(Florida )

To begin with it all started when I was driving one night home after holding my new born all evening at dinner with family. Literally the day after I turned 20. My arm suddenly went numb and felt heavy, which sent me into a panic. I haven't driven much since February out of fear.

Since then I get neck pain constantly, right arm numbness and heaviness; I have to shake my hands a ton during the day, dizziness when looking down, and I can't hold my child for more than a minute without feeling like I'm losing grip.

Now recently as of this month I am having numbness down the inside of my leg into my big toe, which is set off when sitting too long or holding my son too long on my right hip.

As well as pins and needles feeling in right hand and foot. TMI but even if I air on the toilet for longer than 3 minutes my leg is tingling. All my symptoms are on the right side of my body. I try bettering my posture and different neck stretches. Please help! Thank you

May I also include when it began I went to my doctors, they did an xray on my neck and said they could see nothing.

Hello Kaley,
Firstly, an x-ray should mostly be used to confirm a diagnosis and rule out more serious things like a fracture, or cancer. Even if, worse case scenario, you had a serious slipped disc, the chances are good the radiographs would show nothing; perhaps a slight kyphosis or very minor loss of disc space that usually aren't commented on.

A few tests.
1. If you turn your head to the right, and then look up, what happens? Spurling's sign.

2. When you have tingling and numbness in your arm, and then raise it above your head, what happens? Shoulder abduction relief sign.

3. You'll find the upper limb tension test at Chiropractic Help using the site search function. Ask hubby to help you with the test; again, what happens?

Be as accurate as you can with your answers if you want further useful comment from me.

Dr B

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