Numbness, burning

by Deb

I recently tried to work out. I have disc issues L5-S1. 2 days after starting I started getting severe burning when trying to sit.

Right buttocks keeps going numb, saddle area on and off numbness. Burning down the right leg and some bladder irritation. I also have very tender spot on outer hip right side. Pcp blew me off and said rest. The pain is getting no better.

It's called the 'bull at a gate' syndrome, Deb. You can't get in shape in one week after years of getting out of condition, so you injured yourself.

I would start with the lower back exercises which you'll find at Chiropractic Help in the navigation bar. Be gentle and start slowly. Do them before getting out of bed EVERY morning, and at the moment several times a day.

Don't bend, sit less and no vacuum cleaner; short walks every day would be good.

If there's still no improvement in two weeks then you are going to have to start hunting for a local well recommended chiropractor.

Hope this helps.

Dr B

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Nov 26, 2017
Nerve pain
by: Anonymous

Are you sure this isn't related to some nerve issues or just trying to go hard to fast? Thank you!!

Certainly this is a 'nerve issue'. Either the sciatic or femoral nerves have been affected. It needs to be taken seriously.

Dr B

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