Numbing pain tingling down right arm now ice cold feeling

by Gordon

Thoracic outlet numbing pain tingling down right arm now ice cold feeling

Had this condition twice before.

this time i am getting ice cold feeling all over, like ice cubes in my eyes , top of my skull even my feet , area of cold varies, any suggestions? is this related?

Hello Gordon,
I thought about making a silly comment what with you coming from the Frozen North, and it being midwinter! By obviously you have a serious question, and haven't been chilling out in John O'groats.
These new symptoms are most unlikely related to the thoracic outlet, and so the question is, were the first symptoms in your arm actually from the thoracic outlet or something else?

Thoracic outlet syndrome has some very well defined characteristics. Firstly, the tingling is aggravated by raising your arm above your head, whereas with a pinched nerve root you would get relief by raising the arm. The nerve bundles and artery to the arm are entrapped either in the inter scalene triangle or under the pec minor tendon.

Secondly, there are signs related to these conditions. A painful pec minor tendon, painful scalene muscles and or a first rib fixation. One does have to look for these signs however, they can be easily missed by a casual examinor.

Thirdly, Adson's test or the pec minor test would be found. Admittedly quite difficult tests for the inexperienced examinor, but the loss of pulse in the arm with certain movements of the neck and arm is pathognomic. If one looks.

So these question is, did you have these at the initial onset? And do you have them now?

Remember too, a thoracic outlet impingement can be caused by certain medical conditions in the upper lung and neck. Smoker? Cough, shortness of breath?

I would start with another thorough medical examination.

I hope this contributes. Let me know how you get on.

Dr b

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