numb tingly left arm fingers and sharp pains in groin area

by Jen
(Las Vegas, NV )

I have numbness on my left arm as well as tingly fingers.

For a few hours I have had sharp pains in my groin area as well as cramping in my left chest area.

I use crystal meth occasionally but am trying to stop if that will help? Do you know what it would be? It has me pretty scared.

Hello Jen,
And so you should be. Ever read "Open" by Andre Agassi? Crystal Meth came close to totally ruining his life, and did ruin his best friend's life. Also in Vegas, oddly.

However, confess I don't know enough about it to comment on whether it could cause these symptoms. I think unlikely, but I'm not sure.

I would think the tingly in your arm and the groin pain are two separate, apart, conditions.

The tingling in your arm is mostly likely caused by a pinched nerve in the neck, or by the first rib. Depending on whether you have arthritis in the neck (you don't mention your age), it's probably the sort of thing Chiropractors treat daily.

The pain in the groin needs careful evaluation. Any swollen lymph nodes? Does it hurt if you pull your knee to your chest. Lying on your side, stretch the sore leg backwards. Pain in the groin and upper leg? Pelvic infections?

As you can see a careful and thorough examination is called for.

So, why the crystal meth? Time for soul searching. Is life that dull and meaningless? No hobbies, no God... perhaps contact a minister or good friend and talk about these things. At 63 I can only say that my life as a chiropractor and Christian is supremely interesting and full. Yours could and should be too. Only you can ring in the changes. Good luck. You can do it. Agassi did.

Dr B

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