Numb thighs and lower buttock with burning and tingling toes

Did you look like this?

Did you look like this?

Numb thighs and lower buttock with burning and tingling toes

I went to a chiropractor who was amazing and due to his expertise and xray I was able to get an mri showing disc bulges with one flattening the nerve root. The chiropractor was able to get me back standing upright. But that came to a screeching halt due to my injury being workers compensation. They would not approve chiropractic care.

I was returned to work on light duty immediately. This involved no lifting but walking 3-4 miles per 8 hour shift, 5 days a week. Pain came back but not as severe. Then numbness came. In 6 months it has not subsided at all and the doctor states it is nothing to worry about. I cannot afford to pay out of pocket for chiropractor and they are now releasing me to full duty as a cna.

Am I wrong to be concerned? When I question the numbness and pain when bending they pat my head and tell me I'm just scared.

Hello BC,
Of course you're right to be concerned. You have so called hard neurological findings, and that is a worry.

Plus you have an MRI to confirm you are not wingeing about nothing.

They are fobbing you off to reduce medical costs; you're between a rock and a hard place. If this is neglected, there's a good chance paresis will develop in your leg; not just numb and sore, but actually weak.

I was under the impression that WC in America paid for chiropractic care. Take your spouse with you, or a strong friend, and jump up and down. Make waves, and threaten legal action if they continue to neglect your condition. Talk to the chiropractor who has given you such good care; I believe it's your right to choose chiropractic.

Don't neglect this.

Dr B

» Numb thighs and lower buttock with burning and tingling toes

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