Numb pinky/ upper inner arm & to chest, just below left collarbone

by Nick
(North Bay area, California)

Hi, I have had this problem for a few years now. Starting with the symptom of a numb left pinky/ & traceable up the inner forearm /near elbow, (which is sore when probed).. to the chest, just beneath the left collarbone, as the seeming source of the problem. & (also)sore when probed.

I also have a weakened (left) grip & seemingly relevant/ connected, my feet have lost much flexibility, toes have stiffened,(& become a bit deformed) esp. sore in the Big toe area & my feet often feel inflamed (hot)/ a bit swollen/ generally sore & very intolerant of shoes of any type...(& cannot be worn for any length of time).. AND also seemingly connected, my knees often give me more of a stabbing pain/ more the inner knee caps./ most typically on stairs & more so on the descent.

Also, (a lesser symptom), my grip & fingers in general are becoming very slowly weaker.
I originally (self-diagnosed) this as 'cubital tunnel syndrome', but it is looking now like TOS (?). (& I realise this could be (?) two separate issues).(upper & lower body)

As possible initial causes..?
:I did strain my inner arm/ about this time/ by lifting & turning a heavy object (repeatedly)..
I also stubbed (both!) toes, very painfully around this time.
AND, there was a period (around the same time) of extended leaning on the left elbow, whilst using the computer.. this "funny bone" area was initially felt to be the source of the numb pinky..& thus the Cubital tunnel self-diagnosis.
& (Possibly relevant) ?..I also strained my back badly near this period ?
I have no insurance. I have no X-rays or Doctors assessments.
I did see two acupuncturists & maybe two chiropractors.. But I believe, not people in any way expert in this particular field.
Now, it is hard (but feels helpful) to stretch this arm out straight & flex out at the wrist.
Many Thanks for any help, Nick.

Hello Nick,
I'm pretty sure these are separate problems.

The numbness in the pinky (does it include the ring finger?) and inner arm can be a nerve root problem, in the thoracic outlet, or in the elbow. Only a careful thorough examination will work this out.

You've saved a huge amount of money by having no insurance. It's now time to use some of those savings, particularly as your arm is going weak. Do it.

Dr B


» Numb pinky/ upper inner arm & to chest, just below left collarbone

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Sep 30, 2015
From Nick
by: Nick

Thank you for your reply Dr. B.
The ring finger/ perhaps very slightly numb, but only just.
I am wanting to find the right chiropractor..
.. or ?/ appropriate bodyworker/ diagnosis/.. in the CA Bay area.
If you or anyone has a good recommendation I would be most grateful, Nick.

I'm afraid I know no one; you must follow the usual channels of friends, family and your GP. Good luck.

Dr B

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