numb in my fingers

by cyqno

I'm feeling back pain lately after redecorating my office. I also pick up heavy loads during the redecoration. Later, in 2,3 days, I'm feeling numb in my fingers.

Hello Cyqno,

I'm assuming by "back pain" you're meaning lower back pain. However, a pinched in the neck can refer to the muscles between the shoulder blades, as well as down the arm to the fingers.

No neck pain? Does turning your neck give you anything odd in the arm and fingers?

If the numbness is just in the thumb to ring finger, then it's probably carpal tunnel syndrome. If it's in fewer fingers, then it may be coming from your neck, or the thoracic outlet in the neck.

Only a thorough examination will detect the cause of the numbness. There are also various medical conditions, like diabetes or pernicious anemia or MS that can cause numbness in the fingers.

There are chiropractors in Malaysia, but if not in your area, then start with an exam by your doctor.

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