No neck pain, just sudden loss of strength in my arm

by Lyn
(Flint, mi)

No neck pain, just sudden loss of strength in my arm.

I have no pain. I have a sudden occasional loss of strength in my right arm especially.

Sometimes my left too. But my right arm always feels weak. I have a nagging weak tickle nerve type discomfort; it is in my right tailbone area too.

It's driving me crazy. Please advise.

Hello Lyn,
You need a full neurological examination and whilst there are a some chiropractors who specialise in such, finding one in your area may prove difficult. You could try the professional chiropractic association.

Better I think would be to see a neurologist.

He will ask you certain specific questions, so start thinking about them now.

1. Which part of your arm becomes weak? Is in your fingers, the elbow, the shoulder? Which movements are difficult?

2. Is there anything that seems to provoke these attacks?

3. Precisely where in your arm do you get this 'weak tickle nerve type discomfort'?

4. What injuries have you had in the neck?

5. Do you get any minute twitches in the muscles in your arm.

6. If you prick your fingers and arm, are there any numb or super sensitive spots?

7. Do you have any other symptoms that might be relevant. Like headaches, changes in your eyesight and so on.

8. Has anyone tested your reflexes recently?

I hope this contributes.

Let me know what comes of it.

Dr B

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