No Back Pain. 25 yr old sciatica

by Tom

Slump test for sciatica

Slump test for sciatica

I believe my issue is a complicated one.

So I will try and be as factual as possible.

Medical History: Over a year a go I managed a slight perforated disc (can't remember which one, after putting a friend on my shoulders).
2 years ago I tore my right hamstring playing football and ever since have had moderate flexibility.
3 months I did some static stretches on my right leg and this caused a small strain in the very top of my hamstring/bum.
Last week I was jogging and felt fine. The next morning I woke in severe (7/10) pain down my right leg but mainly in my bum.

Symptoms: Right foot numbness and tingling.
Shooting pains originating in my right buttock. Down my hamstrings. At worst this can occur from moving leaning forward only very slightly.
Slight muscle weakness in my right leg, nothing major.
Drooping right buttock.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to ask any more questions.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Tom,
You need to go to bed, and not sit at all for a week, and perhaps longer. You've clearly slipped the disc again, probably L5-S1 and if you have no back pain then it's serious. Your leg will become first hypersensitive and then numb, and you will begin to have difficulty raising your heel off the ground.

Every half an hour do the exercises you'll find in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help. Ice twice a day.

Don't get in the bath, don't bend, try not to cough or sneeze.

You need to find an experienced chiropractor. In my early days I wouldn't take on a case like yours, but now I find given patience and time, this too can heal.

It's serious, so take it seriously. You're close to major surgery.

Don't lie down all day; do the exercises regularly and every hour get up and walk around for as long as your back will allow you, perhaps 10-30 minutes. Perch a bit on a stool but with your feet on the ground.

I take it the Slump Test for sciatica is positive. Sitting in a kitchen chair, ask your spouse to raise first the normal leg, lower it and then the naughty leg. You'll know if it's positive.

Look out for weakness developing either in the big toe or heel raising.

Using the Site search function look up 'slipped disc rules.'

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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