New problem after second chiropractic treatment...

by Charlie

Hi all, I'm a 35yr old male with a debilitating problem at the moment!

So the original problem I had was after sitting cross legged in a field for a 10 minutes, when I got up I had a searing /electric shock type pain in my right groin which caused me to collapse on the floor in agony. With the help of a friend I stood up normally and had no further pain whilst walking or sitting but as soon as I tried to stand again the pain was back. I had this for 4 weeks with no improvement and slowly getting worse (ache in lower back, stabby ache in right thigh) so with no diagnosis from a doctor I referred myself to a chiropractor to see if they could help.

She came highly recommended and after initial consultation she told me my SI joint could be the problem and that my pelvis was tilted and hamstrings were very tight. S1/S2 were cited as the cause of the back ache. After the first treatment I immediately felt better with more movement and as I waited for the second session I noted the original sharp pain was all but gone.

However, and here is the problem, I now have a constant need to urinate when laying down. Generally standing up and sitting is OK and in those positions when I feel the need to go there is plenty there with a good stream but once laying down within 10 minuteso the feeling to pee is there yet only there is rarely more then a dribble.

I raised this concern on the second treatment but she didn't seem overly bothered and said it should settle down however since then (4 days) if anything it's got worse so my question is should I be worried about this? Is it a normal side effect of lower back manipulation and how long should it last?

I have a 3rd session booked in a few days but am growing increasingly worried that whilst the main problem is being fixed this new condition is far less easy to deal with!

Many thanks for reading and for any advice!

Hello Charlie,
Apologies for the delay in replying; I've been on leave which left a large backlog.

These are legitimate questions, but I have a feeling it had nothing to do with the treatment; if it was then it's known as cauda equina syndrome, which is serious, but most, very unlikely, almost impossible after chiropractic treatment. Still it could theoretically happen.

You must take is seriously in any case. The question is whether it's neurological, or an inflammation of the prostate. I would consider the latter first, more likely.

Always speak directly to your doctors including your chiropractor after such events; if they refuse to take them seriously, and shrug off your concerns, go elsewhere. Iatrogenic disease is that caused by doctors, and it happens in the chiropractic clinic too, only very rarely is it serious like this.

I'm an unsure obviously, unable to examine you, but you are quite correct in being concerned and should pursue this issue. Please let me know what comes of it.

Dr B

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Aug 10, 2016
Cross-Legged Too
by: Garry Anderson

Hi Charlie:

My first episode occurred after sitting cross-legged for about 60 minutes, and I see some similarities with your situation. You may like to read about my history, and educate yourself quickly as to possible alternatives that apply to you.

Here is the link to my blog on this site:

I have been working on my situation for 4 years this month, and it is almost fixed, but not quite.

Take care
Garry Anderson.

It's always interesting to give some thought to the experience of others.

Dr B

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