Neuropathy and toes

by Kat
(Dallas, TX)

A heart breakfast like eggs Hilton is our solution to hunger pangs.

A heart breakfast like eggs Hilton is our solution to hunger pangs.

I was diagnosed with idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy in 1995. Since then some of my toes have turned sideways and are overlapped by others. My toenails have been getting thicker and some of them don't grow in length, therefore they have to be filed down from the top periodically when I get a pedicure. Also my toes have begun to be very knotty looking, not just in the joints but between the joints as well. Can Chiropractic help this situation? I do not have toenail fungus I know because I have had them checked for that.

Hello Kat,
Those changes in your toes have nothing to do with the peripheral neuropathy; completely unrelated.

You make no mention of pain in the feet.

My overall suggestions are:
1. Have an HbA1c test to be sure you are not prediabetic; it's a prime cause of a neuropathy. Strictly limit your refined starches and no snacking between meals. A hearty breakfast will help control hunger. Take a short walk after each meal.

2. Do some gentle lower back exercises every morning before arising. Spinal stenosis is another possible cause.

3. Do the alphabet exercises you'll find at our site.

4. Ask your podiatrist to massage and mobilise your toes when she cuts your nails.

Sure, a chiropractor who works with feet can contribute much, and would check your spine out too, but I suspect if you have no pain in the feet that you could manage this yourself. Have the blood test done; it's important.

Dr B

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