nerve type of pain in the pubic/pelvic area

by Gerri
(South Africa)

is the lotus position painful or restricted? Where?

is the lotus position painful or restricted? Where?

Hi! I have pain in the pubic/pelvic area. Pain shifts from the sore area to outer hip, down left leg, sometimes outer knee and down front shin. I can stand, lie down - sleep wonderful 8 hours a night with no pain, get off a chair with the left knee seemingly able to hold my weight.

I can sit comfortably (which I feel to do to help the uncomfortable/sore area) and while seated or lying down, find taking a deep breath creates a "nerve" type of pain in the pubic/pelvic area which is really uncomfortable.

I can drive a car using the sore leg for the clutch with no pain! BUT....and here's the kicker.....I cannot walk without pain! I have to use a crutch or walking stick as walking is really very sore and can't walk long distances.

This pain has just become progressively more and more painful and uncomfortable. I visited a physiotherapist before the pain was so bad, and she "stretched" my trunk area so as to loosen any impinged nerve, but wonder if that is what has actually made the pain worse! Would Chiropractic help? Feel a bit nervous to have it done (wheew!!)

Hello Tom,
Interestingly you mention no lower back pain; if you bend forwards, backwards and to the side do you get no pain in the back, leg, or groin area? From what you describe, at this stage I'm unconvinced this is a spinal problem.

When you say it radiates down the front of the shin, is that the inner or outer lower leg? And you did mean the knee IS able to hold your weight? Is or isn't?

The difficulty here is that there is no clear diagnosis from what you describe. Have you had any x-rays taken? Are you basically in good health? Your age, please? No prostate problems?

I take it you've been to your doctor; what does he say? Did he examine you thoroughly?

If you lie on your back and pull the knee to the chest, and then the opposite shoulder, and then drop it into the lotus position, is it okay? How does it compare with the other leg?

Are you a smoker? Has anyone tested the pulses in the ankles?

I'm not sure if chiropractic could help you, because I'm unsure what the problem is. Perhaps some answers to the questions above will throw more light on the bron of the problem. Let me know; and have an x-ray of your pelvis done if you don't already have one.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» nerve type of pain in the pubic/pelvic area

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Feb 01, 2017
pelvic pain
by: Gerri/Tom

Hi again! You're right, no back pain, can bend forward backward and sideways with no pain. Not sure about shin pain, seems to be in the front, sometimes it feels as though it's the knee!!

Xray shows no hip problems, but show phleboliths??

I am in good health, age 78, female. Doctor has asked for a scan but waiting for medical aid!! I am not a smoker at all. Not sure about the pulses?

If I lie on my back pulling up my left leg is painful and am anxious about seeing how far it will go!

I previously stretched my legs quite aggressively at night and wonder if this could also have been a cause? Restless leg syndrome? am careful now and consciously sleep by trying not to stretch as much, but really wondered whether I could have stretch too hard and damaged something in this area!!

Hello Gerri,
This is almost certainly a hip problem, despite negative x-ray report; phleboliths of no concern. The pain in the shin doesn't quite fit with my thinking; it may be a separate problem, and indeed also in the knee.

Does your knee give on the stairs? You didn't answer that; it's critical.

The fact that pulling your knee to the chest gives you pain, in the groin or side of the hip, presumably, or even the sacroiliac joint, definitely points to your hip joint.

Can you send me a copy of your x-ray to contact? Take a photo of it taped to the window with your camera.

Start pulling your knee to the chest regularly, not too hard, and then making a circle using the knee as a lever.

You did to have a clinical examination of your hip in my opinion. Hope this contributes. Any family history of hip disease?

Dr B

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