nerve pain in thigh

by Wooden
(Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines)

I'm experiencing pain in my thigh. in the front the side and the back. I had it checked by a doctor and the he said that it's my femoral nerve causing it. What could be my restrictions and what preventive measures will I be doing for now?

Hello Wooden,
This is problematic as the Femoral nerve doesn't affect the back of the leg, and usually, but not always there would be back pain associated with it.

If you bend backwards and to the side, slowly and carefully as it can aggravate the problem, do you get referral to the back or leg? And then, which part of the thigh, back, side or front?

Watch out for weakness of the knee. Is it tending to give on the stairs? Prick your leg with a pin. Is it numb?

Have you had an xray taken? Degenerative change such as seen in this radiograph may be present.

I'm not sure what to suggest to be quite honest. It may be that the diagnosis is not entirely accurate. Are there chiropractors near by for a second opinion?

One last thought is a condition called Meralgia paresthetica where a branch of the femoral nerve is trapped in the groin.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B


»nerve pain in thigh

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