neck through to hand extras

by Michelle

Thank you for your words of knowledge. Upon doing some reading and research myself, I also feel that it could be (aka Thoracic Outlet syndrome), so I found it really interesting how this is also one possibility put forward by you.

I have been having chiro but my doctor advised me to stop until I had seen the specialist, but sounds like I may well have to start it back up again.

My collar bone also hurts on the right hand side, more so towards the centre of the bone, on the end. It also really hurts inside, like underneath the collar bone but deep inside.

When I am on the laptop it aggravates the pain too, and so does folding the washing, that thrashes. It seems that some of the really simple things in life can be the triggers.

My neck very first started 10 years ago after some loony was driving on wrong side of road and hit me head on. Been having ongoing physio, since, more recently though since symptoms got worse I have had acupuncture and been to chiro, they have probably given me a little relief but nothing major.

I find it difficult to concentrate lately and seem quite forgetful, drives me bonkers.
Over the last week I have a pain under my chin which follows down the front of my neck and past the right side of my Adams apple, going into my collar bone, it makes my neck feel restricted and tight and I really don’t like it, also feel like there is a lump/tender area in my neck, but not in my throat, doesn’t effect me swallowing.
When I think about it it’s as though the right hand side of my body is all effected, just some worse than others.

My ear, jaw, teeth and gums feel like they have infection and throb sometime of every day. Back of neck going into skull had dull ache every day and has for 10 years since accident, just some days it feels as though my head is too heavy for my neck and hurts like hell.

Then front of neck, which I already explained, and shoulder. I get really severe sensitivity and shooting pains in my elbow, which is like when you knock your funny bone and it aches like hell afterwards. My wrist hurts, aches, and feels really weak, all I want to do is nurse it, and when my wrist feels like this my hand suffers and I have lack of grip and strength.

On a more subtle note, I also get lower back, hip and groin pain and this is always worse near menstrual cycle. My knees are weak and I find it difficult getting up, I tend to have to kneel to get up rather than just stand straight off with both legs together. Sometimes I get pins and needles in my right knee cap, but as yet it’s few and far between thankfully.

My muscles also feel tender and weak in my right arm and leg, sometimes feel bruised. The weirdest thing is how much I hate being cold, it’s not only that I dislike it, it’s as though the cold makes me feel ill, sounds silly but if you could be cold intolerant that would be me.
I really feel like I am 98 instead of 38, I hate feeling like this, I have a lively bubbly sense of humour and adventure and whatever is wrong with me is stopping me from meeting the needs of my personality through being outgoing and active and I hate it.

I can’t help but wonder if bungee jumping could have anything to do with how I am as I did 6 of them when I was 18/19

My biggest nightmare is getting in a position to feel I can return to work but as yet it doesn’t seem anytime soon. If anyone feels similar and has found anything helps please let me know as I am willing to try anything, I have a young family and need to get sorted.

Dear Michelle,
I have no easy answers for you, but what's great is that your thinking, reading, talking to different people to see who can help you regain your health.

I know of no research that shows that bungee jumping can cause these sorts of symptoms, but who know what future research may show.

Three thoughts come through: Keep in mind that this could be a medical problem, hence seeing the specialist is a good idea. Just today a patient with thyroid cancer. Lumps and bumps in the neck are significant.

The second is another condition called "Tietze's syndrome" (type this into the Search this site function at C-H) which usually affects the rib-breastbone joints, but occasionally affects the collarbone-breastbone joint causing chest pain, collarbone pain, neck pain and pain radiating down the arm.

That groin pain, think hip dysplasia (increased range of motion) and Femero Acetabular Impingement Syndrome (FAIS) that causes groin and upper thigh pain.

What it's going to take is a careful, thorough examination of your neck, breastbone, hip in order to find the problem.

Sorry, but I live on the other side of the planet!

All in all keep active. Walk, use your arms, perhaps swim, James Herriot is my hero, trudge the bogs and hilltops like he did.

Good luck,

Dr B

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