neck shoulder and hand pain

by becky
(vancouver canada)

I have right shoulder lotator cuf problem for about 2 years,at the same time, I have right hand pain and elbow pain as well. my elbow pain is better now. I have been using my left hand and left shoulder a lot. now My left should very hurt, i belived I pull my muscle on my left shoulder. my left shouder and my left side of the neck is hurting me very bad. I can't even use pillow to sleep any more, because it hurt very bad when I use a pillow under my neck and should.and the pain go up to my left side of the neck. and right hand change colour from normal to purple when my right hand hurts.right hand is very weak. my left hand became weak and pain too. what do I have? how can i fix my should and neck pain and hand problem?

Hello Becky,
What's needed is a careful thorough examination of your neck and arms. Clearly something is amiss... see a local chiropractor.

Meantime, start our shoulder and neck exercises at C-H.

You may have Reynard's syndrome. Talk to your doctor about the change in colour in your hand.

Good luck,

Dr B

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