neck, shoulder and behind the ear pain


I was doing physio exercise for my right shoulder and neck pain. My left side was perfectly ok but by doing the exercise I damaged my left side. I cannot sleep at night time.

I was doing a levator scapula on both sides and it damaged. I can not sleep either side only on the back. When I try to turn on the side my left neck and behind the ear are so painful.

I started doing levator scapula from the last two weeks and this thing happened. My cervical left side looks a bit swollen.

Can you please suggest me that what can I do now? I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you so much for your time.
Yours sincerely Mrs. GS

Hello Mrs GS,
First up, remember that exercises are intended to improve your health, not make you miserable. Whenever you start something new, do it slowly and carefully and make sure you are doing it just as the physio asked you to do it; the intention is not the winter Olympics!

I would start by going back to the physio who showed you the exercise, and let her reevaluate your condition. Perhaps you did them wrongly, or too enthusiastically or this really isn't primarily a muscle problem.

Just behind the ear lies several important joints between the skull and first two bones in the neck; a subluxation up there is excruciatingly painful, often causes headaches too but it generally not difficult to set them correctly.

Give the physio a few days or a week; it is not improving, start talking to friends about a good chiro in your area.

I hope this contributes. Alternating ice and heat usually will help too.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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