neck pain

Had severe fall from bicycle as it struck a telephone pole laying across a sidewalk at night.

Have zero recollection of the impact and fall. received severe lacerations on left hand at heel of palm. And severe scrapes of left arm.

Then my neck began to hurt when I turned my head. The pain is to the left side around C5; when turning head to the right from the left the pain shoots up toward the atlas region.

To the extreme right and there is pain.

The pain has been present for over a month.

A most unfortunate accident, but these things happen; one has to be a bit philosophical about life. It's intrinsically dangerous!

It's time for some xrays of your neck, including an APOM, through your open mouth, and a visit to your local chiropractor.

I frankly don't have much else to offer. You could perhaps start with our stiff neck exercises, and they would contribute, but what's needed is a careful thorough examination; don't settle for less.

There is a branch of chiropractic that just lays you down and starts treating you; not good for you.

Dr B

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