Neck pain stiffness and knots

by nicole
(perth, australia)

Neck pain stiffness and knots

I am originally from South AFrica and now live in Australia. I have always had problems with my neck, shoulders and back it just seems to be getting worse, it's more stiffness and knots. I have gone to a Chiro here in Perth and he adjusted my top rib on the right side as it was higher. It seemed to have brought some relief but what i need to find out is , is it a safe procedure?

Hello Nicole,
There is no procedure or medication that is totally safe, however the adjustment of a rib by a skilled chiropractor is a relatively very safe procedure.

I'm assuming you are a young woman. A cracked rib may occur in the elderly, though even that is unlikely.

The greatest danger in neck manipulation (about 1/million manipulations) is a stroke. Middle age smoking women on the pill are at risk. Fit?

However, the adjustment of the rib actually occurs below where the vertebral artery enters the spine, so the chance of a stroke is really utterly remote.

Some discomfort after the treatment, if it's a chronic condition, is however likely. It's a good sign you immediately felt relief.

Once you're about 50% better, ask for some neck exercises, if your chiropractor doesn't offer any.

If you have pain in the arm, I'd recommend an X-ray of your neck. Look at "cervical ribs" at C-H. Use the Search this site function.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

PS. A technical matter, but I personally don't adjust the first rib because "it's higher" but because it's fixated. Your chiropractor probably found it was higher and fixated, but only told you the former.

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