neck pain, severe pain in right arm, shoulder hurts

by Jaye
(Memphis, TN)

Well it started as a crook in my neck; then a few days later the pain went to my right shoulder area and then all down my right arm it hurt in sections at times like muscle area then forearm then it goes down to the hand, but majority of it is the entire arm.

It appears my vein is swollen all the way down my arm. It aches more at night. It is hard to rest and position it so I can rest; no matter how I lay there's pain. It is sharp, sticky pains sometimes; then it is throbbing pains. It feels like a catch in the shoulder and neck area sometimes. Arm pains majority the entire time. No sleep in 2 weeks really.

Hello Jaye,
What's needed is a diagnosis, and quickly. If the veins are swollen then it's quite possible you have a thrombus in the arm and that's life threatening. See your doctor today, if you haven't already. If it breaks free and lodges in the lungs, heart or brain you're in for a traumatic time.

However deep vein thrombosis in the arm is a fairly rare event; more likely is a pinched group of nerves in the thoracic outlet.

The reason I say that is because it appears to be reaching across far more than one nerve root. Both the artery and nerves of the brachial plexus must pass through the inter scalene triangle on their way to the arm.

Does raising your arm above your head relieve or increase the pain in the arm?

What's needed is a careful and thorough examination to come up with the cause of your pain; don't be brushed off with painkillers and no proper evaluation; this is serious.

Dr B

» neck pain, severe pain in right arm, shoulder hurts

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