neck pain and lower skull pain radiating to the basal sides

by v.anuradha


I had a simple fall but it got hit in 3 places in the spine at the hip, centre part of the spine, at the base of the neck; there was pain in the lower part of the jaw, temples and at the base of the skull after 3-4 weeks. I went to the orthopedic who took an xray and gave few medicines for relieving the pain and also advised cervical traction for 2weeks; the pain is reduced but still there is a bit of heaviness and when I have hair wash sometimes there is some kr kr kr noise while looking up or down or when lying down on the sides especially on the left side.

what is all this what does it shows will it be alright on its own as time passes or should i use cervical pillow or which doctor to visit whether orthopedic or chiropractor.

Hello V,
Obviously it's difficult for me to answer with specifics, with no examination possible, but the kr kr is probably what is called crepitus in anatomical language; wear and tear in your neck. On it's own, without pain, not too important.

But you have pain. Quite likely there is an upper cervical subluxation, hence the headache and base of skull pain.

Also it seems that you may have injured your jaw joint.

I don't know if there are any chiropractors in Chennai. Meantime, go on with the traction, and perhaps have some massage.

In the Site Search function at Chiropractic help, type in TMJ exercises; do them.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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