Neck issue

It's the rotated neck from ontario, Canada, where lawsuits keep the best chiropractors from treating and correcting my neck issue.

It has been a month now since I originally contacted you and four months since the initial injury to the neck that has caused C1 to be rotated sideways and fixed, and then issues are occuring with the rest of the neck now as they compensate.

I have had more adjustments in order to try and take the pressure off the head and yet I am not getting anywhere - relief but not permanent.

My questions are these:
1. Are the occiptals considered the base of the skull?
2. If my C1 is rotated laterally and sideways - what does that mean?
3. I have not been able to get my ART provider to take me back and give me ART and unfortuantely I have not been able to find someone else to do my ART? What are other options I could try? I was told by one of the other chiropractors to take four months off and do nothing but let the "so called hypermobility in the neck" settle - that would mean feeling like a Mack truck run over me and not going to a hospital.
4. Osteoporosis - I take a product called Axid 150 mg three times a day for a hiatial hernia and I take metamucil daily. I lost the 100 lbs but I didn't do weight training and since there has been a mention by the odd person that perhaps that when I lose the weight and if my body is acidic that perhaps my osteoporosis/osteopenia is temporary and once the cells readjust and become more alkaline that my bones will restore their proper density? That was one of the chiropractors I saw versions?

Funny thing is I feel like I live in the USA as I am denied chiropractic, ART care and most people in the USA that don't have benefits go without it because medical care/chiropractic care is too expensive but my problem is I am denied this care because of the fact that I have osteopenia/osteoporosis and have pulmonary hypertension which is very much under control without medication. I said the funny thing is with the ART that I was receiving from the chiropractor who refused to adjust me but would provide ART is that at least I was functioning and living and feeling better with the ART to manage my symptoms and keep me moving than I am without it. Some people just never get fixed with any "fix" of any kind and for me ART provided me relief but the chiro won't talk to me and let me say hey I just want to be comfortable and ART does that for me.

Oh by the way, if I was seeing the chiro that only did ART and I saw the other lady chiro for adjustments - do I have to tell the ART chiro that I received any adjustments - after all he didn't do any adjustments and he used to do both chiro/ART together without any problems so if I do them separately with two different providers than do I need to communicate that to him? The lady chiro that adjusts me knows I am seeing the other guy and practically can't stand him but knows that I am receiving benefit from him and leaves it at that.


Hello again,

Sadly your ART chiropractor is miffed because you have consulted someone else. You simply have to move on. Perhaps in time he'll change his attitude.

It's not essential but I think it's important for all your doctors to know who else you are consulting. Yes, I would tell him you are also seeing another chiropractor who is adjusting you.

Each of us has our own criteria. For me neither your osteopenia, nor your controlled blood pressure would put me off if you had a normal Wallenberg test, but others have different standards. One has to follow one's instincts.

Metamucil is okay, but rather a diet rich in soluble fibre. Then you also get the anti-oxidants so essential to prevent a host of diseases including cancer. An apple a day, a decent salad, not just a leaf of lettuce and half a tomato, legumes like green beans and hummus and the berry fruits. Mulberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries..., beets.

I'm afraid the research shows that if you've had neck pain for over 6 months, it will probably never go away completely. You need to visit your chiro occasionally, but regularly. Perhaps every 6 weeks.

Yes, the occiput is the base of the skull.

I hope that contributes.

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