Neck contractions

by Alex
(New Zealand)

Hi there,

I have a constant neck problem that is plaguing me and have no real answers yet. I had an X-Ray done but it came back clear.

The next step is an appointment with a neurologist and a CAT Scan but it's only in 3 months so in the meantime I would like to see if I can get more info or help.

My problem is simple but it's debilitating and I don't know what to do anymore. I will list my symptoms below:

My head feels too heavy for my neck, I really struggle to keep my head up. This feeling is at worst when sitting, lying and walking make it slightly better.

Turning my head to the left or right causes pins and needles in my arm and fingers. The pins and needles only affect the side I turn towards.

My neck forcefully contracts throughout the day, my head gets pulled towards the right. My right ear gets pulled towards the right shoulder and my chin lifts upwards. This happens pretty much constantly every day and the contractions are very forceful.

Does anyone here know what it might be?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Alex,
This is certainly of concern, in the first instance the radiation to both hands on rotation of your head and neck; try to identify which fingers, it helps in the diagnosis. To one arm is not uncommon certainly, but to both of concern that there may be something else going on.

Secondly these forcible contractions of the muscles in your neck; that actually comes not from your neck, but from your brain, but has obviously has an effect on your neck.

This is uncommon and unusual; in the short term I would only have very conservative treatment for your neck pain until a diagnosis has been made. Your doctor is right: a neurologist's opinion is the next step.

Try and makes some notes on the details, like which fingers and other symptoms that may be occuring.

Sorry not to be more encouraging or helpful. A regular gentle massage would be helpful at this time.

Let us know what comes of it.

Dr B

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