Neck bones jammed together.

by Lea
(Orlando, Fl US)

About a month ago, I backed into a car behind me. It was not a major accident, it was a little bump. When I was starting to have some neck pain I decided to see a chiropractic doctor. He took some x-rays and we found out that my neck bones had jammed up underneath each other making like a staircase. Also, that my neck was straight and lost the natural curve. My chiropractor was using a traction bed where I just lie down and it worked my neck. Unfortunetly, my doctor is in the hospital and will be in there for some time. I am seeing a new chiropractor, he is good, but he does not have a traction bed for my neck and when I ask him about it he seems to go around the question. I just wanted to know if getting my neck adjusted, does that help my bones to space out normally and what else could I be doing to help space out the bones and get my natural curve back? Stretches? Excercise?

Thank you,

Hello Lea,
Unfortunately there is no research about traction + chiropractic adjustments for the neck. Traction on its own apparently doesn't help, but I use it in my practice in conjunction with manipulation and find it helpful.

Why not buy your own? Avoid the sitting traction units. They shouldn't be expensive, around $150 here. Or ask hubby to make one. See directions at C-H.

There's an exercise page for neck pain at C-H. That would certainly be a good idea, talk to your chiro for advice there too.

Straightening of the lordosis is almost always associated with pain. Sounds like it was more of a bump than you realised, or perhaps previous trauma.

Hope this contributes.

Dr B

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